Kill Your Gossip

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The Ever Pressing Way

What exactly is it that we seek when we pursue the monster we call social media?

Over and over again, I check to see what is trending; woman in little to no clothing, men with their shirts off, flexing as if it has gone out of style, fast cars, and the latest fashion trend. All updates seem pleasant to the eye, but detrimental to the soul. What good comes from the latest trend? Is not the social media scene creating covetousness in our souls, or is my back against the wall here?

The cantankerousness of today’s society bleeds across the surface of the earth like an Old Testament plague.
We have become human clay fashioned by vain rulers. Always seeking, never finding, I shout through the valley of void around me.
Every last one of us have gone astray. Deceived by men in suits speaking code languages from lost ages ago. These men dress in white wool, but beneath their attire their teeth gnash like starving timber-wolves.
Where is the course of history taking us? My spirit senses a final curtain call just up ahead. A gaping pit follows the end of the cliff.
People have become desensitized by the lusts of their flesh.

It is uncommon to have a meaningful conversation anymore. Every moment I want to praise the Rock of Ages; the Man in the sky I call Father. But my praise has become swallowed by meaningless mockery that is set up like idols around me, so I introvert into myself again.

Oh God, if only an uprising would occur before your return once more. If only I could be a part of a valiant revolt against the Machine that is suffocating your people. We are being overruled by lawlessness and greed. Every word spoken seems to be a struggling groan for help.

Every sigh echoing through the presence of time.

Ink blots out the sky as the stars illuminate my surroundings. The wind brushes through my hair as my mothers hands once did. The sounds of distant wisdom swirl around my skull like the windmills in upper Texas. At what age do the thoughts of edification in my mind begin to manifest in others hearts? All I seek is Your unfailing love; to express it in my daily attire I call skin. This earth suit you’ve blessed me with yearns to feel the Grace you’ve shown.

I could go on for days just thinking of your Glory. Oh God how you’ve fashioned the seas which brings us into a humble rocking sigh. Oh God how the horizon never fades away, just as your Love does towards those who fear you. Let thy kingdom manifest its glorious gold inside my own heart. You are the blacksmith, and my bones are blades of iron. Stiffen thy backbone, set thy feet to square. I’m starving to be used in miracles; to dance upon your yellow brick road to claim.

I exalt You, my Lord, above all else. For you are the centerpiece of all things known.

My God, may your Throne be exalted above it all.

“If God is all knowing…”

Now that I have your attention,

I’m proposing a new wave groove.

May the minority please stand up for Who we believe in? Life is too short. We need to live in God.
Jesus is coming soon guys! Rejoice!
Our time is coming.

With much thought,

Tyler Ethridge
Woodland Park, CO